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The pic actually comes from Mother Jones and was found via Tumblr's Egypt channel.


AWJ – Group websites

For one of the assessments on this module we have to do some sort of group website. Last week I showed you a couple of the sites last year's students did: 

To do these, the students did a lot of Dreaweaver work and web design in general and perhaps had less time to focus on the stories, which were quite static in the end. 

We could do something similar this year. Or we could try using a site like Wix, a publishing service that lets you create a simple Flash-based site. This would let you concentrate on creating stories and taking more of a multimedia approach… A couple of Year 3 students used Wix for some work they did this year: 

They show what you can do with the site… Let's decide today what to do… We also need to choose some areas to focus on for the group sites…

Maps on news websites – an overview | Online Journalism Blog

The following is part of a chapter for a forthcoming book on online journalism. Contributions welcome.


Advanced Web Journalism – Session 2

Today we're going to look at Google Maps and how to use them in your journalism. We're also going to talk a bit about the module blog assessment. We also need to decide on what you're going to be doing for your group websites and begin some development work on those… Plus I'm going to try to talk to each of you about your ideas, if you have them yet, for your individual projects… So we have a lot to get through. 

Social Media Icon @JayRosen_NYU on his Twitter strategy

Jay Rosen teaches journalism at NYU and is a leading media critic. He blogs at Press Think and produces a weekly podcast on news and technology called Rebooting The News. He has almost 50,000 followers on Twitter. We recently spoke via email about Jay’s personal twitter strategy and the platform’s impact on the media.


This is really interesting – Rosen is a great person to follow on Twitter – a very active user who shares interesting ideas and great links. Here he talks to 435 Digital about how he uses the service. He's developed a great breakdown of different sorts of tweets – the flat descriptor, blind link, description plus, and more – which we'll come back to later in class

NSFW: On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re A Journalist

So here’s an odd thing. Since TechCrunch was acquired by AOL, there has been a slight but appreciable uptick in the number of stories we’ve run about our new parent company. In the last month alone, we’ve reported their Q1 goals, three new content partnerships, their new SVP of technologies and even their latest billboard.


Paul Carr on the problem with the kinds of stories run by commercial blogs – and the effect of the whole SEO/maximise page views mentality on journalism online.

The Social Media Skills You Need to Qualify for Journalism Jobs | Poynter.

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