Advanced Web Journalism – Things to do for next week

1. Get your module blog set up, write a short post about one of the stories covered in the new media news geek quiz and put together a list of good sources for news about new ideas in journalism and media online and new technology trends that will affect the media

2. Start thinking about what you might want to do for your individual project – focus more on the idea than the technology at the moment

3. Start thinking about an area you could cover for the group website. Think about whether you would rather do a group website like last year's students – something which would require you to focus a lot on learning web design and Dreamweaver – or whether you would rather do something using a site publishing service, in which you focused more on the stories… 

That's quite a lot to think about, I know. But it will really help us keep up momentum if you do this before next Friday. 


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