Advanced Web Journalism – How much of a new media news geek are you?

One of the things I want you to do on this module is to learn to track new developments and trends in new media technology and how those trends are changing journalism. You need to know about this stuff – most journalists now try to keep tabs on new tech ideas – and when you starting working, you may find that many older journalists will expect you to know about this stuff (so they don't have to keep up with it).

So over the course of the module I want you to keep a blog and to write a little bit each week about interesting new developments in technology, news media and how they are affecting journalism…

To start you off, I thought we'd try a little quiz to test your awareness of current news media tech stories (and your ability to use Google quickly). Here's are a few questions: 

1. What's going wrong for Google at the moment and what's going right?

2. Was it a good week for Apple or a bad week? 

3. What new media phenomenon was supposedly behind the Tunisian revolution?

4. What new gadget was launched this week and who shouldn't use it? 

5. How many tweets are there in any one day? How many people currently use Twitter? 

6. Who is about the launch a new global news publication and how much will it cost a week for customers? 

7. How old is Wikipedia, what is its official song and how much money did it raise on its last fundraiser? 

8. How many iPads did Apple sell last year? But what traditional media product is not selling well on the iPad? 

9. What was recently heralded as the new Twitter for 2011 and what does it have to do with Facebook? 

10. Which well known magazine is about to close, despite being the market leader in its sector, why is it closing and how will it live on?

I'm going to give you ten minutes to research these online – one minute per question. 


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