AWJ – some online videos to look at

Today we're going to think about different ways journalists can use video on the web. Here's a few examples of the things people are doing: 

Adam Westbrook's blog is a great place to keep up with developments in this area – he recently published his top ten list of online video heroes for 2010 – there's all sort of interesting video work in there. Here's a few of the videos he's highlighted recently:

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.

A video portrait of Scott Schuman aka The Satorialist

Adam also has a good blog post analysing what he likes about this video – he talks about how the video is comprised of scenes, sequences, interviews and 'visual flair' – he stresses the need to capture bits of reality, key moments, and to show not tell… It's worth a proper read. 

He also highlights the food videoblog Food Curated and the video profiles of different creative types put together by Scout Magazine.

Reza also dug out a few really interesting online videos too. Here are some of his selections: 

This is a report Reza did himself, on a recent demo. Next is a report by The Guardian's Dan Chung

Arizona shooting: Memorial to Tucson victims from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Here's a really interest take on the video diary/online opinion piece: 

And some more in the same vein…

Two other videos worth looking at if you have time: 

Bangladesh: "Terrifying Normalcy" from Herzliya Films on Vimeo.

IN A DREAM: Extended Trailer from Herzliya Films on Vimeo.



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