AWJ – TED and online video

Here's something we might look at if there's time – it's a lecture by Chris Anderson, one of the TED founders talking about the way online video, via sites like YouTube, is encouraging innovation. Anderson talks about the way street dance has developed as a result of people sharing ideas and moves via YouTube and builds a more general argument about how this kind of crowd-driven sharing could have a more lasting impact on culture… 

TED is, I guess, would be an example of the kind of thing he's talking about – online video used to share ideas… I wonder if there's something revealing here about what works in online video – people talking, often passionately, often with humour as well as  intelligence, about ideas, about their research, about things they believe in. Perhaps that is one of the things that works well in online video… 

That said, often these people are experts, who might normally have seen their ideas mediated via journalists. If they are now going direct to an interested audience via online video sharing, is that a problem for journalists? What can we add here? Do we have a role? 



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