Multimedia Journalism – Adding video to your blogs

Adding video to most blogs from a service like YouTube is pretty easy. You just have to paste in some code to a post, which will then embed the video. The embed code is different to the standard url (web address) which you use when linking

Go to a video you like on YouTube and look on the right of the page for the embed code. You need to copy that. Then start a new post on your blogs and paste the embed code in where you want the video to go. We'll go through this in class – it's very straightforward.

Actually, WordPress has done various things to make embedding video even easier. For more info, try their general Video help page and the specific YouTube section.

There are other video sharing sites online aside from YouTube. One interesting one, aimed at artists and people who create their own video is Vimeo. You're not allowed to post material you haven't created yourself to Vimeo – so no clips from TV shows. And there are weekly upload limits. But to compensate, the site lets you post HD video, has some good networking features, looks nice and gives you more options when it comes to embedding video.

To embed Vimeo videos on WordPress blogs, don't use the embed code. Instead, follow the guidlines on the WordPress Vimeo page. There are guidelines on WordPress for embedding video from various video sharing sites – but perhaps the simplest way to do it is to add a Vodpod button to your browser toolbar. once you've configured it, all you need to do is click it to embed the video you're watching to your blog


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