AWJ – Session 6 – Some interesting links

Here's a few links we might look at quickly in class today: 

I know a lot of you weren't that impressed by the live blogs we looked at. The Louse and the Flea sparked an interesting discussion when it laid into The Guardian's live blog covering the earthquake in New Zealand. It drew responses from:

The Guardian's Martin Belam

Journalist/blogger Adam Tinworth

Kevin Anderson, who worked at The Guardian and the BBC

All worth looking at – as are a couple of posts on the subject from Martin Belam, covering talks by The Guardian's bloggers – one from Matt Wells, the overall blogs editor and one from one of the site's leading live bloggers, Andrew Sparrow.

Here's a couple of interesting pieces re visualisation: 

The Guardian's Twitter map of protests in the Middle East. Paul Bradshaw interviewed Matt Wells who was involved in getting the map together.

A piece by Jonathan Stray about the UN Global Pulse Google Map of unrest in the Middle East

A new site called Churnalism, which sets out to show how much of a particular press release makes it into specific news stories…


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