Multimedia Journalism – the module blog assessment

There are two assessments for the online half of the Multimedia Journalism module – the group blog and the module blog. We'll talk more about the former later today. But the basics are pretty straightforward. You have to work in a group to create a blog that will run live for two weeks, culminating in a final news day.

As for the module blog – the idea here is to get you to write and reflect, on a regular basis, on the different aspects of online journalism we've been looking at in the early stages of the module. Each week, I've been asking you to do specific things and write blog posts about them… Here's a list of what I've asked you to do so far, with links to the relevant bit on the blog: 

I may get you to write one more thing next week – some research and competitor analysis to help with the editorial development of your group blog… Word counts on these posts is kind of up to you. I'm not longing for long essays for each one, more interesting ideas and signs that you've used the the things I've shown you and thought a bit about how useful they are to journalists. 

You also have to write several critical evaluations on your module blog towards the end of the module. I'll talk in more detail about how to write a critical evaluation later on. But basically, you will have to write short critical analyses of:

  • Your video work
  • Your audio work
  • The group blog
  • What you've learned about online journalism and its potential

Deadline for finishing the module blog is still a way off – Thursday April 7th – the day before the end of term… 



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