AWJ – Schedule and assessments

Now we're a few weeks in, I thought it was probably about time to set a few deadlines and finalise the timetable for the module.

Here's the current plan – we'll spend the next three weeks both looking at new ways to tell journalistic stories online and building your skills in these areas. We've already done audio slideshows and using maps. This week we're looking at more creative ways to use video. Next week, we'll do live blogging and the week after data journalism. 

The plan is to devote the first five weeks to this. Then the next four sessions will be more open, workshop affairs. I will cover different things each time, but the sessions will be mainly devoted to you working on your individual projects and your group websites. 

Deadlines for delivering these: 

  • Group websites should be finished – Monday March 21st
  • Individual projects should be finished – Monday March 28th.

The session on Friday March 25th will be devoted to preparation for the multimedia news days. So we'll set up a site and work out what we're going to do and how we're going to work with the TV and radio journalists. 

The last two Fridays (April 1st and April 8th) will be multimedia news days. I'll give you some more detail on what you have to do then in a couple of weeks. 

The module blog should be completed after the Easter holidays. Deadline will be Tuesday May 3rd. The module blog should include critical evaluations of your individual project, your group website and your work on the news day. 


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