Multimedia Journalism – Writing the critical evaluations for your module blog

I mentioned in the last post that one of the things you need to do on your module blog is write some posts evaluating the work done on the module. You need to do four posts in total 

  • An evaluation of the group blog you did – what was the idea behind it, did it work, what might have made it better… 
  • An evaluation of your video work – what was the thinking behind the work you did – why did you choose the subjects you did, how did you cover them etc
  • An evaluation of your audio work –  what was the thinking behind the work you did – why did you choose the subjects you did, how did you cover them etc 
  • A reflective analysis of what you've learned on the module about the way the net and online multimedia are changing journalism

For these evaluation posts, you should write something around 300 words each. You can write a bit more if you want. But if you do 300 for each, you'll end up writing around 1200 words in total.

Remember – we're looking for reflective, critical analysis of the work you've done. It's helpful to detail what you did – but just doing that isn't enough. What you need to do is talk about the ideas behind your work and then critically evaluate the results.

This means asking yourself a few questions: did your work (the group blog, the video/audio work) succeed? If not, why not? What could have made it better? How does what you did relate to audio/video work online or commercial blogs covering the same area as your site? 

With the group blog evaluation you should also talk about the challenges of working in a group to a tight deadline. If your group didn't go that well and you don't want to write about it in a public space (i.e. your blog) you can email me the group blog evaluation. But let me know you're going to do that. 

With the reflective analysis of what you've learned about online journalism, you have a chance to go back over what we've done on the online side of the module and talk about what you've learned. You don't have to cover everything – if you want to pick out just one thing that you enjoyed/found useful (or not) and write critically about why that is, that's fine…The important thing is to try take a more high level perspective on things – to approach this like a professional journalist, not like a regular news consumer…

OK – remember – the deadline for finishing your module blogs has now been extended – you have to finish them off by Monday April 11th. I'l talk some more about all this in the session on Monday April 4th. 



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