Multimedia Journalism – Referral work

Some links to help me mark the referral work on the module: 



CMC Blogging session – Twitter – some things to read

Paul Bradshaw's Online Journalism Blog has a really useful guide to Twitter for journalists. It's quite old now but still good. For something more up to date, Paul also posts new links about Twitter via delicious (another social media service we'll look at later). 

10,000 Words also has some useful advice – a list of the top 7 mistakes new Twitter users make and a guide to some journalists to follow on Twitter.

Emily Ingram has a good basic guide to using Twitter and there's an excellent piece from Zombie Journalism on verifying the information you get from social media. 

Later on in the class we'll look more at writing tweets and how to do it effectively. Jay Rosen has developed an interesting approach to different types of tweets - we'll look at that today, and perhaps pull out some of the best bits of Roy Peter Clark's long list of tips on how to write short pieces.


CMC Blogging session – Twitter’s development

Here's a TED talk by Twitter founder Evan Williams. It's a couple of years old now but it's a good intro to the service and how it grew so quickly.

CMC Blogging session – Twitter links

We're going to mess around a bit with Twitter today – here are a few links you might find useful: 

Twitter, and TinyURL – all web address shorteners

Twitpic - one of the various services that let you link to pictures in tweets

Twitterfeed - this lets you turn your RSS feed into a series of tweets

Nearby Tweets - this lets you see who's tweeting in your area

Here are a few more Twitter search tools:

Finally something that just looks nice – A World of Tweets