Multimedia Journalism – Session 2 – Useful multimedia links

In today's powerpoint, I talk about building on Paul Bradshaw's ideas about adaptability and the news diamond and thinking about how to combine different media types to tell news stories more effectively…

There's lots of experimentation going on in this area at the moment. People are trying out new combinations of media and new ideas to see what works.I mentioned some sites that are good places to go to keep up with what's new:

As for some specific projects you could look at, I mentioned a few in class:

What I'd like you to do is write a review on your blog of an interesting/innovative multimedia journalism project. You could review one of the projects mentioned above.

But it might be more interesting for you (and me) if you find a new project. One way to do that is to look around on Multimedia Shooter and the other links I mentioned above. They showcase interesting lots of interesting new work. 

One you write something you like, write a short review – no more than 200 words – saying why you like it, why you think it works well online, why it's innovative. Remember to link to the work you're reviewing.

Do this in addition to the other short posts I suggested you write as a way of getting started on your blogs.


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