Multimedia Journalism – Session 2 – Images Online

Today we're going to look at how to put images on your blog. Not something that seems that hard, really. Just fire up Google Images and you're away. However, there are problems with using the pictures you find that way. We'll talk a bit about that today and about how to find images online that aren't copyrighted.

We'll look at Flickr, which is a great photo-sharing site and a brilliant source of non-copyright images – via the Flickr Creative Commons page. We'll look at Creative Commons a bit and what it means and go through some ways to find images there. In the meantime, there's an old but still useful guide to finding images on Flickr on Skelliewag.

There are various sites online that have stock photos you can use for free. The best known of the stock photo sites is probably stock.xchng. EveryStockPhoto is a search engine for free photos online – it's not a bad way to find copyright free images online. However, the best way is to use Google's Advanced Image Search and then, after entering your search terms, scroll down and tick the radio button next to 'Only images labelled for reuse'. This is a great way to find rights-free images on Flickr – much better than the site's own search engine. Lots of photographers on the site make their images available under the Creative Commons license.

However, you should make sure you look at the terms of the license they're using and when you put images on your blogs which you've found on Flickr or elsewhere online, you should always put some kind of credit link – a caption which acknowledges the source for the image and links back to it. The best way to do this is to put a caption at the end of your blog post, referring to the source of the image and linkng back to it. 

It also pays to put some kind of general disclaimer on your blog, pointing out that it's a student project and not a commercial effort and that any kind of copyright infringement is accidental… 



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