Advanced Online Media – Session 1 – Things to do

We need to sort out various things today:

  • Set up a new blog to use on the module – or sort out an old one
  • Set up Google Reader so that you can use it to tracks news in the areas you’re interested in
  • Set up Twitter so that you use it effectively to stay on top of news and new ideas in your areas. Remember – the best approach is to follow a lot of people and use lists so you can quickly get to the people you value most
  • Set up an account with Delicious and start bookmarking interesting sites – use the tag aomedia2013 to share what you find with the rest of the class. If you find something interesting, tweet it using the hashtage #aomedia2013 so that the rest of the class can see it too

To get us started, perhaps we should work on putting together a list of recent big online media/tech stories, share them via Twitter and Delicious with the rest of the class and then record what you find – with links to sources – on your blogs.


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