Reading for the Week 3 class

Last week we asked you all to look at two pieces by Andrew Sullivan about blogging and consuming information and media online and write a short blog post comparing them. Ed will discuss the pieces in the class on Monday October 10th.

Just in case you didn’t see the links in the slides from last Monday – the pieces we want you to read are:

I mentioned ‘Why I Blog’ before – it’s from a while ago, when Sullivan was feeling very optimistic and positive about blogging and ‘thinking in public’. In the second piece, which was published a couple of weeks ago, he takes a rather different view about online media…

Should you just avoid the news?

Last week I asked you to start logging your media consumption and to think about how much of it was actually journalism. We’ll talk more about this on Monday during Session 2. One thing we will discuss is a deliberately provocative piece by Ralf Dobelli – Avoid News. The subtitle to the piece is ‘Towards a Healthy News Diet’ -Dobelli’s suggestion is that to move in that direction, you need to radically cut back on the news you consume.

He has also posted an FAQ to the piece, in the form of an imaginary interview with himself, Β in which he deals with objections to his idea. Have a read of both pieces over the weekend and we’ll discuss them in class on Monday.