Kevin Kelly on the future of the digital media landscape

Here’s a short lecture from Kevin Kelly on six verbs that sum up the future direction of the net.

Kevin Kelly: The Future of the Digital Media Landscape from WIRED and The Economist on


Advanced Online Media – Session 1 – Links

Here’s a few links we can use in class today:

A couple of old radio links that still might be interesting:

Advanced Online Media – Session 1 – Things to do

We need to sort out various things today:

  • Set up a new blog to use on the module – or sort out an old one
  • Set up Google Reader so that you can use it to tracks news in the areas you’re interested in
  • Set up Twitter so that you use it effectively to stay on top of news and new ideas in your areas. Remember – the best approach is to follow a lot of people and use lists so you can quickly get to the people you value most
  • Set up an account with Delicious and start bookmarking interesting sites – use the tag aomedia2013 to share what you find with the rest of the class. If you find something interesting, tweet it using the hashtage #aomedia2013 so that the rest of the class can see it too

To get us started, perhaps we should work on putting together a list of recent big online media/tech stories, share them via Twitter and Delicious with the rest of the class and then record what you find – with links to sources – on your blogs.

Advanced Online Media – Session 1 – Rights free images

For your blogs this year, you need to get into the habit of using rights-free images. The best way to find these is via Google's Advanced Image Search. If there's time in class, we'll go over this. 


Some links for my magazine lecture

Here are a few links I'll use today for the lecture on the future of magazines: 



Multimedia Journalism – Referral work

Some links to help me mark the referral work on the module: 


CMC Blogging session – Twitter’s development

Here's a TED talk by Twitter founder Evan Williams. It's a couple of years old now but it's a good intro to the service and how it grew so quickly.