Multimedia Journalism – Designing big news sites

One of the things we might do today is look at a few big news sites and try to work out which one has the best design… Here's some we might look at: 

We'll talk about this a bit in class – I'd like you to write a short post comparing two of the sites – the one that has the best design and the one that has the worst – in your opinion. You need to justify your opinion with some analysis that uses some of the online design terminology we'll talk about today. 


Multimedia Journalism – Online Design

One way to learn about online design is to look at examples of badly designed web pages. Web Pages That Suck is a site that highlights some of the worst examples of online design. You'd think that, with the web becoming more and more a part of everyday life, they'd have less to work with. But it seems not – there are still plenty of dodgy sites out there for them to poke fun at. 

In fact, you get the feeling that a lot of the sites they highlight have been designed that way on purpose to get attention from the site. 

Today I want you to find the worst designed site they've highlighted over the last few years. Check the following links and try to decide which is the worst site – the site that deserves to win the overall award for awfulness. 

As you look through, think about what's wrong with these sites – why don't they work? What's wrong with them? Is it the graphics? Is it the site organisation? Is it the way you move through the site? Try to come up with a list and pick your candidate for worst site. We'll then talk about it class.